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The endless, ageless, seamless process is ‘Learning’. You can learn from five senses, from the birth till the last breath. Every small things, action, child, people, insects, anyone can be the Guru for that particular moment, particular time and particular circumstances. Our high aspirations, dreams, desires gives the direction and motion to our whole life and to achieve those desired height. ‘The process of learning’ makes the difference.

In today’s fast techno-savy world, educational scenario is also changing fastly. For the high aspiring child and parents Malhar gives the ultimate solutions ‘Educational Guide’ - the way to success. Yes, for the success in one’s life this ‘Guide’ is genuine Guide. In this Educational Guide, the maximum information regarding school, colleges, various classes - curriculum & co-curriculum in Jalgaon.

The complete education directory for Jalgaon city (Maharashtra). Information about all educational institutes including Pre-Schools, Schools, Colleges, North Maharashtra University, Classes like Computer Classes, IT Classes, Multimedia Classes, Competitive Exam Classes, Vocational Classes like Drawing Classes, Dance Classes, Acting Classes, Music Classes, Mehandi Classes, Rangoli Classes, Driving Classes.

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