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The endless, ageless, seamless process is ‘Learning’. You can learn from five senses, from the birth till the last breath. Every small things, action, child, people, insects, anyone can be the Guru for that particular moment, particular time and particular circumstances. Our high aspirations, dreams, desires gives the direction and motion to our whole life and to achieve those desired height. ‘The process of learning’ makes the difference.

In today’s fast techno-savy world, educational scenario is also changing fastly. For the high aspiring child and parents Malhar gives the ultimate solutions ‘Educational Guide’ - the way to success. Yes, for the success in one’s life this ‘Guide’ is genuine Guide. In this Educational Guide, the maximum information regarding school, colleges, various classes - curriculum & co-curriculum in Jalgaon.

The complete education directory for jalgaon city (Maharashtra). Information about all Educational institutes including Pre-Schools, Schools, Colleges, North Maharashtra University classes like computer classes, IT classes, Multimedia classes, Competitive exam classes, Vocational classes like drawing Classes, Dance classes, Acting classes, Music classes, Mehandi classes, Rangoli classes, Driving classes.

About Jalgaon : Jalgaon District is located in the north-west region of the state of Maharashtra. It is bounded by Satpuda mountain ranges in the north, Ajanta mountain ranges in the south. Jalgaon is rich in volcanic soil which is well suited for cotton production. It is a major business centre for tea, gold, pulses, cotton and bananas. Languages spoken are Marathi, Ahirani, Hindi, and English. Jalgaon District receives an average rainfall of about 690 mm and the temperature varies from 10 to 48 degree Celsius.

Jalgaon has got pretty diverse climate. It is exceptionally hot and dry during summer with temperature reaching as high as 45 degrees Celsius. Jalgaon receives about 700 mm rainfall during monsoons, which is followed by pleasant temperature in winter.

It hosts a population of about 4 million in an area of about 11,700 sq km. It is abounded by many religious places and cultural establishments. The major tourist attractions are Pal hill station at Raver, Patnadevi temple at the confluence of Tapi and Purna rivers and hot water springs at Unapdev in Chopda Taluka.

The World famous Heritage site Ajanta Caves is near to Jalgaon (50 kms) making it as one of major International Tourist hub. The District has excellent rail and road connectivity and is a central destination to reach out to major places in India.

Jalgaon Market is mainly known for Gold, Pulses, Wholesale Tea, Agriculture, Grains Trading. Banana and cotton are Jalgaon's main crops. Jalgaon district is known for its advances in horticulture. Its production of bananas and cotton, especially by resorting to drip irrigation, has created a role model for cultivators in other parts of India. Bananas grown in the district are exported outside the State and to other countries. Jalgaon is largest banana growing district in India.

Jalgaon is also growing up as a premier educational place with many colleges in the field of engineering and computer science. Modern Jalgaon is now boasts of vast industrial area, educational institutes and good hospitals. The city is well developed with good roads, shopping centres, residential areas, with good infrastructure in communication and transport.

Jalgaon District Tourism Information :

Sri Padmalaya Temple
Among the two and a half Shree Ganapati Peeths in India, this is regarded as the half Peeth. It is called as Padmalaya Kshetra. This temple is located at the top of a hill. There are small temples on all sides of the main temple. The padukas of Shree Govind Maharaj are located in front of the temple. There is a huge bell next to the padukas. There are two self existent (Swayambhu) Ganesh idols in the sanctum. One idol has its trunk curving to the right and the other to the left. Padmalaya also known, as "Prabhakshetra" is a religious place located in Erandol Taluka about 4.8-km from Erandol. It is famous for the temples of Lord Ganapati and Hanuman.

Pal (Hill Station)
Pal, located in Yawal Taluka, is very famous for its cool temperature and the natural peace with dense forests. The small river and forests make a ideal picnic spot. There is a guesthouse also if you want to stay overnight. Best season to visit is from February to May.

Swinging Towers Of Farkande (Zulte Manore)
Swinging Towers located 16-km from Erandol on the bank of Utawadi River are a great example of old construction techniques. Both the towers are 15m long and when one of them is waved the other towers also starts waving automatically. It is believed that the construction is 250 years old.

Patnadevi (Religious Place)
Patnadevi is an religious place. It is also the birthplace of the great Scientist Bhaskaracharya. Here is Shri Chandika Devi's Temple and Mahadev Hemadpanthi's Temple. Large number of tourists visits the place daily.

Hot-water springs are situated in the Satpudas at Unapdeo in Chopda tehsil. Like Unapdev, Sunapdev, Nijhardev are two other hot water breezes generated in Satpuda hills range. All these three places have special mention in ancient holy 'Ramayana' and had auspicious touch of Lord Rama during his fourteen years expulsion from Ayodhya.

Saint Muktabai temple
Saint Muktabai temple is region's ancient temple with Goddess Muktabai being honoured at deity of region. There are two temples of this deity namely Mehun temple and new Muktabai Temple located in MuktaiNagar city.

Changdeo Temple
Changdeo Temple is located at beautiful natural location in back water area of Hatnur dam. The location also has confluence of Tapi and Purna rivers. The Temple is given Protected Monument status by ASI India with its rich design and ancient art work done.

Manudevi Temple
Manudevi Temple is located in beautiful natural surroundings near Adgaon village in Yawal Taluka. Manudevi is the kuldevi of 70% people in the district. There is a nice water fall with breathtaking view. The way to the temple is a very good trek with the path going through a small river 7 times. The temple is surrounded by forested hills. A fair is also held annually.

Omkareshwar Mandir
Omkareshwar Mandir is one of the most famous and beautiful temples in Jalgaon City, dedicated to Lord Shiva, situated at Jai Nagar. Shivratri, Shravni Somvar, Ramnavmi, Gokulashtami are the biggest festivals celebrated in this temple.